Cool website. Who's is it?

I recall seeing a link for a website that allowed people to post about trail rides that they had done. I believe that this website was oriented in the Salt Lake City area, or possibly it was Boise, Idaho.

If somebody could direct me to that website, I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks! is what you might be referring to. I think it's dedicated to rides based in Utah, though.

That's my buddies website. "Blackie" John W.

Hey let me plug my soon to be finished website.

This is a part of the Big Bear Trail Riders Club Web page out of SoCal. The link above is dedicated to the GPS propeller heads that happend to ride dirt bikes. I haven't got around to updating the webpage and adding the data links yet.

Check it out and let me know what you think. was it! Thank you very much! (Dave D and Blackie!)

I really like that site because it is a great reference for trail users to update on recent trips, update on trail conditions, but I also think this type of web-site would be great for land-action notifications and such.

I am going to spend some time looking at putting together a web-site like this for the Central Washington, Pacific Northwest area...

Again, thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for!


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