So, my oil looks like chocolate milk..

It also has rather a weird blue streak, kinda like choclat with blueberry ripple icecream would. It didnt taste very nice, but I was basically sampling it to see if it was sweet (like, antifreeze)

If it's likely that it's water in the oil, (and bearing in mind that it's only been rebuilt and used for about 5 hours I think the blue stuff might be the jointing compound from the crankcase join) I'm wondering where the water may have come from?

When I dropped the coolant, I might have imaged a few drops of oil in it, or i might not.. I have also succeeded in drowning the bike while out riding it through water high enough to cover the coil (though I managed to get it started afterwards)

Where else might water from the cooling system get into the oil? All gaskets were replaced (as part of a kit) when the engine was rebuilt, but I didn't do anything with the water pump...

Id run some oil through it 2 or 3 times and check what its like after before making any assumptions.

I was wondering if it was wise to do a similar thing, thanks for the second opinion!

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