info on WR 400

A buddie of mine is considering getting a bike. Today we came across a 2000 wr400 w/low hrs., scotts suspension work revalved resprung, FMF powercore 4, skid plate, frame gards, black excel rims, and a few other goodies for $4000.00 at a local dealer in so cal. Is this a fare price and is there anything we need to look for that are problem areas. I have heard good things about WR's but am not familiar with them. Any input would be great.

any one home?

Sounds to me like a fair deal. Go to and compare prices. :):D

Hello !!

First thing first. I can't help you for the price, I'm from Québec Canada :D . But...

Buying a used dirt bike is gambling !!! :D

But it's worth it if you do your homework :

Where does it come from ?

Previous owner ?

Complete mechanical inspection ?

The wr 400 had a sensitive clutch, is it the case with this one ?

What is the overall shape of the bike ?

Look around (if possible)to evaluate comparable machine and then you will have a better appraisal of the bike.

Is the dealer offering you some kind of waranty ?

Those bikes are really great, they offer a lot. But you have to consider the background of the bike. :)

Now to add to the dilemna, it seems to be a really nice bike, :D.

I hope it helped you, :D


I hear prices vary quite alot by region. I sold my very clean 2000 WR400 two months ago for 3,300. I felt this was fair for both sides. I got a brand new 02 WR426 this winter for just less than 5,000, but this is Michigan.

The dealer where I bought my bike had a very unhappy customer bring his wr450 back with 15 miles after breaking the woodruff key. They traded him for a yz450, and put his bike on the floor for $5500. Still there I think? :D:)

The $4000 may be a smidge high, these are usually found at around $3800, but if its a premium example, it may be worth the $4000! :)

That price would be high for my part of the world also, from a dealer I would look to pay $3,500, from a private indiviual around $3,000. I'd much rather buy from a total stranger to be perfectly honest, because in that case you are dealing with the owner, can ask questions about the bike, and also get a sense of the seller's credibility and fairness. Buy used from a dealer and you have neither background information or, as far as I'm concerned, any reassurances you aren't getting hosed. But I'm biased, I don't like dealers and in general do not trust them.

More on prices: I sold my '01 YZ 426 four months ago for $3,300. My friend just sold an immaculate '01 WR 426 for $3,700. But that is just the regional market.

Hope this helps.

2000 WR is a great bike, sounds high on your price though, but it depends on what the local market will support. I have one I'm selling and have it listed at $3250 and it has extras, so the $4000 sounds a bit steep.

Thanks for the input. I agree with the price being alittle high and buying from a dealer is not the best of idea's. however the dealer has a good financing plan and my friend does not have all the money right now. I have a 02 klx300 that i have been riding for 2 years and my friend is just tiered of me telling him how much fun riding is. He was actualy looking at a new 03 WR's but they are red stickered in CA. Plus he does not have much experience riding and from what i hear the 450 is a monster. Tomorrow we will try to haggle the price and look the bike over again. I will continue checking this post so any more advise is welcome. Thanks.

Uh-oh, now your gonna a need a new bike if he gets the WR400, it's got a bit more engine than your KLX and you can't have your buddy beating you down the straights :)

When you say that :

Plus he does not have much experience riding and from what i hear the 450 is a monster

You have to realize that this wr 400 is not a sunday dessert :D !!

If your friend has no experience on a serious dirt bike, tell him to spend money on good protective equipement, it's no luxury. It does make the difference between to fall and get back up on the bike, or to fall and stay down til your buddy comes back :).

And the guys are right, your klx 300 will be no match for the WR :D


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