mobil 1 oil

can i use mobil 1 motor oil in my yz400 and do i need the mobil 1 specified for bikes?

is there any differance with these oils?

apart from cost

They have sand in England? Oh right, it IS an island…

Just kidding.

Plenty of people, me included, run Mobil 1 synthetic car oil in our bikes (15-50w). A lot of car-spec motor oils have energy conserving (EC) “friction modifiers” that will cause clutch slippage in a bike. Apparently Mobil 1 15-50w does not.

Here is a link to an article on this subject The Great Oil Debate.

is 15-50w oil ok to use?

and how is it different to 10-40w oil

this probably sounds a bit thick but having jumped off a 2 stroke, its all kinda new to me.

and are you guys actually using automotive mobil 1?

bare in mind , at present in the uk we are running at about zero degrees or below,,does this matter?

gosh its all so confusing, still wouldnt go back to a 2stroke tho ;-)

I've been using Mobil 1 15W-50 in my 1996 CBR 900 since break in. It is the best oil I've ever ran in my bike. The 15W-50 is basically the same oil as the motorcycle oil. I work with this really anal Mechanical Engineer and everytime a new oil comes out he gets the data sheets. According to the data sheets the 15W-50 Mobil 1 is the best oil for 4-stroke bike applications.

All I know is it makes my clutch smooth and the bike run super slick. I really like it.

Roostn in Denver

the only stuff i can find here is mobil 1 tri synthetic stuff which is 0w 50

is this the same stuff?


Do you know if that guy compared the data sheets against only other automotive oils or if he checked it against any oils that we usually find in bike shops too?


I have a 99400 and used yammylube for a while then one of my friends told me how wonderful mobil 1 was.

I tried it for about 2 or 3 months and probably 4 races of 80miles each and numerous long ride practice sessions. after about 2 races i noticed a wierd clutch "HOP" each and every time i started out on the bike -hot and cold-

both were exactly the same random clutch engagement and choppy. I was milkin it til i had $ for a new clutch cuz' i thought it was surely a goner.

I was talkin to my local dealer parts guy and he said to go back to Yammy and see what it did b4 he ordered the clutch.

I did and changed a little so i did about another 80miler and probly 20 miles practice..........changed the oil again and it was nearly gone but still there....... then i put in another 50-60 miles and changed it again...... I haven't had another prob w/clutch since then. Mobil one in my cars all the time but never again in my BABY....



ride BLUE

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