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83 yz490 bing 54 36mm carb stock or aftermarket

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Hey whats up guys . I have recently aquired a 1983 yz490 . the story is that a kid died on this bike and the father and his friends rode it one last time and layed it up next to a tree. well my girlfriends dad said i could go get it if i think i could get it runing atleast four years after it had been sitting . all i did was clean the rat nest out of the airbox drain the gas and clean the carb and i had it runing well after runing with no airfilter for a week i finally lyneched it . im am rebuilding it now . let me tell you it is sure alot of bike compared to my cr250 . i need to upgrade to disc brakes if i want to have any real fun its priddy hairy. I am just curious if any of you thumper heads could tell me how big the stock carb was and if you have ever heard of one of these carbs on a bike like this . and any other info you guys might think would be helpful besides airfilters are cheap . i know what a stupid move right .🤣 i never thought it was gonna last as long as it did . i will post some pics soon . i am new to the site :thumbsup:i will be riding soon 👍

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