im getting a procircuit t-4 pipe disconnecting the grey wire but i am also putting holes in the right side of the airbox with a 1 inch drill like randy hawkins bike it looks pretty neat also (you can see it in dirt rider)and im going to rejet but if i go to a 48 pilot and a 160 main at 3000 feet ...will i have to switch out any of the air jets (i forgot the ratios and stuff like that)? and is the yz needle any good with the wr, because later i will put in the yz camshaft and finally get the roll on power of a yz.. thanks guys :):D

Ya need to check out the Jetting Qs link at the top. Take the hour or so it will take to read the ENTIRE thread from start to finish. This will give you a great baseline to get started, try new settings, and then hook up with the experts. You will have a better understanding on how the carb system works, and you will be better prepared to dial in the fine points! :D:)

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