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Fine Tuning

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Next time i go to the track i plan on doing some fine tuning with the rebound and compression but i dont know what to look for on adjustments. What i want to know is if my bike is doing x then i have to do y?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks 👍

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I came across this flowchart a few years ago. It's from a street bike point of view but most of the premises cross over to dirt.


The following notes/addendum were made by a local suspension tuner:


Wont' turn in:

Fork changes make sense, but geometry and tire size/compound not mentioned

Excessive Dive:

Preload and compression changes make sense, but no mention of changing rebound to match preload, nor is there any mention of oil level or condition of oil

Front pushes/trail braking

number one cause is geometry and tire size/compound. Preload and compression changes are fine but no mention of changing rebound to match preload. Shock rebound may work but that is a long shot and will open another can of worms in this case.

Front pushes/throttle:

compression and preload changes are okay, but must match rebound to preload

Chatter/trail braking

rebound could be a source, but unlikely. most time due to low oil level or high oil level, or too much or too little preload and/or compression


rebound for chassis imbalance front and rear, shock compression, or geometry

WALLOW - shock only

CHATTER - fork only

Exiting/chatter/holds line

generally fork or shock rebound creating instability

Exiting/chatter/turns well

correct on geometry but if no front tire tearing, leave it alone. Remove rear ride height only if tire tears

Exiting/wallow/won't hold line

soft shock so add compression and/or preload, then check rebound setting


And one thing I'll add; in addition to tire size, tread pattern, wear, and compound, inflation pressure (PSI) can have quite an effect on handling and 'feel'. To me, 15psi vs. 12psi is as noticeable as a few clicks of compression adjustment.

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