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So I went out riding today. Lasted maybe 2 mins. before I crashed hard going 70+ mph. Thank god for my helmet! It's all tore up. Oh and bless my new chest protector the wife got me last week. But it was fun flying and smack'n the ground hard. As my head bounced off the ground I thought "that was'nt so bad". But my poor bike, front end got twisted up. I'm having trouble with my turns. I was coming up on a slight left when I panic and locked up the rear brake and slid into the embankment and wham. I'm riding an '01 YZ 426. My last bike was a 150 made in china piece of crap. On that thing I could throw it into a turn with no prob. But my YZ I just can't get the hang of it. Any advice guys please? Only been on this bike for 2 months. Also my looks like my bars and forks are twisted some. How do I straight'en it out? Fender hangs over to the right of the tire.

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