Colorado Thumper Trip

That sounds really cool to me. We need to firm up dates pretty soon I would imagine.

Roostn in Denver

00 426F

Can I bring a friend with an RM? Or is this thumpers only?


Originally posted by mikeolichney:

Tom N's post says 6 replies but only shows two.

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BTW I might be interested in this trip, I have a good friend that lives in Denver. I’d vote for late summer like August, difficult & long high alpine trails.

I was just in the other folder and could see the six replies, but there must be some sort of a problem. There were 3 or 4 guys interested. Looked like two for sure in Oklahoma. This is great...

What dates are good for weather? I am available any weekend. All I need is about a weeks notice to get the Friday and Monday thing off.. If everyone could take a Friday and a Monday it allows for a 4 day weekend without burning up to much vacation time.

I was thinking if I leave Thursday night late, I can get there on a Friday morning and stay until Monday morning which would allow ride time on Friday Saturday and Sunday? As for ride type, I will try anthing as I am a rookie :))


Tom N.

2smokers should probably be allowed to come, but we reserve the right give them tons of $#^$ for their choice of ride.. :) Some thought to spark arrestor requirements should be given though.

Originally posted by flyinguitars:

Can I bring a friend with an RM? Or is this thumpers only?


I'm still in. Should be 2 for sure maybe 2 others. the 4day weekend would work great. Anytime, weather permitting, is good for me.

Tom N's post says 6 replies but only shows two. Something is wrong so let's try again. Anybody up for a trip to ride in Colorado in July though September? I have lodging in Crested Butte that could accomodate up to 26 people. Prices would be per room, not per person:

*$20/night for a private room with queen bed and full private bath, one or two people.

*$30/night for a private room with king bed, fireplace, queen hide-a-bed and full private bath, one to four people.

I need to rent at least 6 rooms to make it work. I assume families OK. No pets. This is very deluxe lodging. See the website at

CB has alot of other things to do, good nightlife and restaraunts. Two rides/skill levels could be organized. If you are interested, please post:

1. Possible dates that work for you.

2. Rooms that you would want

3. if wife/girlfriend/kids coming.

4. Type of riding you like, Desert (Hartmanss Rocks) difficult high alpine, or scenic jeep road. A large amount of all this.

Tom N, can you organize this and collect the money? Leaglly I cannot rent by the room, only B&Bs can do that up there. I must rent to a group, and receive a single check for payment. If OK, please contact me at There are 5 queen bed rooms and two king bed rooms available. July 1-7 and July 27-Aug 1 are already rented. Sometime in August is better for weather and lower streams, even Labor day would work and help with vacation time problems. Warning: this is more headache than you might expect. I have rented a house in Moab for spring and it is hell getting people to commit and cough up money.

I can to that, and I can also relate to the work that is involved. I think everyone here that would be involved is going to help me out and make this easy. You have handled the hard part thus supplying the accomodations.. The toughest part will be deciding on a date. Aug gives us plenty of time to get it together but I hope I still have a running bike then.. I got my eye on the new 426 in a crate.. I just have to sell my 98.. Mike, I will e-mail you in just a min.

Warning: this is more headache than you might expect. I have rented a house in Moab for spring and it is hell getting people to commit and cough up money.[/b]

You guys don't mind if I bring my wife do ya? She rides a little 225 but it is a 4-stroke. :)

More people the better! Besides, she will prob. smoke me... I ride my 400 in the peewee class when they let me.. I am going to contact Mikeolichney to work out some of the details and then I will e-mail everyone that has posted an intrest.

Originally posted by sleekfreak:

You guys don't mind if I bring my wife do ya? She rides a little 225 but it is a 4-stroke. :)

I'm interested also. The only possible problem is that I race at a local track and don't know the schedule yet. Also, some other details: is a spark arrester a requirement? (I'd have to buy one). Also, what's the approximate altitude - I'd probably rejet if there is a big change from mine (5000').

Altitude varies from 8000ft to 12000ft, unless we go to Hartmanns rocks, which is high desert at 7000 ft. I see alot of people without spark arrestors, and I have never been stopped by a ranger up there (I have one). I never really understood how a four stroke could cause a fire. Its up to you.

Still planing to make this trip, I got some info from Mikeolinchney on the condo and good dates to ride up there. I will soon e-mail everyone who has posted an intrest with some dates and details. If your e-mail address is not listed with your membership to this board or is would like it to go to a different one please post it for me.

If you have dates in August that might be better then please post them, otherwise I will just pick a weekend. Its far enough out for me so I can go any time. I am looking at doing a 4 day type of trip. I am in KS and about 12 hours away. I planned to leave here on a Thursday night around midnight so I could arrive around noon on Friday then depart Monday morning. That would allow for riding on Friday Sat and Sunday. For those that have to drive in, it can give you an idea of the plan. If there are any probs or suggestions please let me know.


Tom N.

E-mail at

Let's go Thumpin!!!

I will be contacting everyone who posted soon. A few of you posted an interest but do not have an e-mail address listed. If you are still interested and want to be contacted with info on all the details please e-mail me at or

Looks like August!!!

Tom N--- PLease send me some info.... I'd be interested in how much work this would be. Are you planning to rent bikes or suppl your own. How doe you go about shipping a bike or would it be simpler to trailer my own...Thanks

Hey guys. Crested Butte is the BOMB!

Best riding anywhere.

Come up with a date and I'll bet many of us Colorado folks will show up that weekend.

Did I tell you about the time I was crossing a river in Crested Butte on my WR400 and completely submarined myself and the ENTIRE motorcycle? :)


I would be interest in going I have a couple of people I ride with here that I'm sure would beinto it also.

I got a buddy and his wife who may be intrested. I think they go that direction once a year on other excursions anyway. He rides a DRZ ( good guy take it easy on him; and rides like a bat out of hell) and she rides a Yamaha( and rides like a bat out of hell). Not Yamaha exclusive is it? Just asking.

more and more interested each day.. I will send info on the rooms and the dates next week to everyone who has posted an intrest. I did notice some of you did not have an e-mail id attached to your member profile so I will not be able to send you info.. please send me an e-mail address and I will keep it confidential.

Oh yea, this is not Yamaha exclusive so bring the buddys with the DR... I have my yz set up for MX-ing and my buddy had a KTM 400 4stroker so the trails will be hard on us but fun too..

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