Colorado Thumper Trip

Hey Mike,

I live in Aspen, am a newbie with a Suk drz400. If you guys do come up, ride pearl pass (12,800ft) to Aspen. Late Aug. and early Sept I can house as many as you like for a few days for free.

NOTE: as to the "ride w/o a spark arrester" be sure that guy knows the fire danger conditions at the time no matter how you think otherwise (please use one anyway). All the fire fighters killed on Storm King Mt. should remind everyone not to take this stuff lightly. WE LOVE OUR STATE and respect nature.

If you want to contact me:

ZG_DRS: I have ridden Pearl pass a few times but it was a long way down on pavement into Aspen. I came back over Taylor but that still had pavement. Do you know a way to get to Aspen without plates? I don't think all the guys will have plates (pipe up guys if I am wrong). I figure if someone doesn't have a S/A they probably don't have plates. As to S/A, I have never heard of a four stroke shooting sparks-two strokes are pretty dirty burning and sometimes hot carbon chunks break off. I hear that many other countries don't have S/A and consider us silly. I try to obey our laws, though, so I have one.

If you are interested, we could do an overnight trip or something-what did you have in mind?


You can take Pearl, get on the road for short bit, go up to top of Taylor and come all the way into Aspen along the spine of Aspen MT. (considered by top riders to be some of best stuff in CO). Call before hand or e-mail and I will assist with all info when dates firm.

Lodging I have by the way is bare bones basic, but hey, free in Aspen for as large a group as you want? My ability to do this is no trouble whatsoever from Aug. 25th to Sept. 15th.

I won't pretend to knowledge of bikes, just letting you know that we all feel strongly about fire danger and giving the forest service another exccuse to close access. Whatever happens, this area of CO. is absolutely fantastic. Enjoy! :)

OOPS! There is another way to top of Taylor w/o touching pavement. Either way, once in Aspen, getting around town is very easy, walk or free bus. by the way, I am director of housing for the City of Aspen so I am just happy to hook you guys up to enjoy what we live here for. Whatever info you need, just let me know.

Give no sh*t for being a newbie dual sporter and a few tips and we'll have a good time. be sure to give some advance notice though. once again

Tom N is organizing this trip so you may want to get his input. If you are offering free lodging, that's a hard deal to beat (anyone want to PAY US to stay at their place?) I have lived in CO since 83 and have mountain biked around Aspen, particularly that trail system north of town (that isn't open to dirt bikes is it?) I would like to see how to get to Aspen from CB via dirt, that would be cool. I assume you would be riding in the ski resorts after Taylor Pass. Most of my riding has been east of Aspen and Crested Butte (Taylor Park/Cement Creek area).

Nope I don't have lights or plates on my YZ its set up for MX-ing for sure... I will be asking for tips on changing the sproket combo for this trip I am sure.. So I would have to say no pavement is a must..

Still compiling an e-mail list of those interested.. Busy week in my world :) and will get the info going tomorrow.


Tom N.

There is a tremendous amount of single track from Crested Butte to Aspen.Crested Butte is very friendly towards dirt bikes.Plates and lights are really not a promblem. The only time you will get a hard time is if you act like jerks going down main street speeding and doing wheelies.You can vary your mileage from C.B. to Aspen the short way over Pearl pass appo. 26 miles or you can do longer loops of appo.100 miles with a gas stop mid way.And of that 100 miles 85 is single track the rest fast dirt roads.

Don't count on riding on the road without plates. When we lived up there, my wife and I tried to cut over to Mount CB from Washington gulch. It was pouring rain and I just wanted to get my wife back home. It was only one mile of pavement, but we were stopped and given a ticket.

I probably missed a few of you with my e-mail on the info so here it is again. I would like to add that MikeO has indicated that floor space in the rooms is not a prob and is useable for guests as well so you can stackem and packem into your rooms but remember bathroom space. Also parking is a concern as there is no street parking and only room for 5 to 6 cars.. Please plan on car pooling and if possible load in trucks vs. trailers. Also talk of folks staying for free in Aspen - no Idea how far they are appart... I think this trip will out grow the condo fast but I think we could book some rooms elswhere and get a discount for group size and time of the year. Here is the info again -

When: August 24,25,26 & 27 - that plans for a Friday arrival and a Monday departure. That would allow for a 3 night stay and rides on Friday afternoon, all day Sat and Sunday. If you want to arrive or depart on different days that would be alright too.

Where: Crested Butte Colorado

Accommodations: Mike Olichney has given us the ability to rent a 9000 sqft condo. Both wings of the Condo have 1 king bedroom and 3 queen bedrooms. All rooms have a private full bath. There is a bonus room in one side with a queen hide a bed. That makes 9 rooms/beds. The king bedrooms have a hide a bed so that is a total of 11 beds. (Mike Olichney - how do you feel about floor space in the rooms for kids, friends or even wives - it might allow more space please e-mail me directly so I can let the group know)

Rates: 2 King Room ($30/night), 5 Queens ($20/night), and the bonus room ($15 night).

What is taken:

Mike Olichney has reserved 1 queen room.

Tom Nieuwhof/RobWatkins have reserved 1 king room with the hide a beds (we are cheap grin).

What is available:

1 King Room - with hide a bed ($30 a night)

4 Queen Rooms - ($20 a night)

1 Bonus Room - ($15 a night)

If we end up needing more than 9 rooms, there are the Columbine Condos nearby. It will be more expensive though.

I am sure there are other hotels/motels in Crested Butte, I can get names and phone numbers for them but arrangements will be up to you.

Reservations - Will be on a first come first serve, based on receipt of e-mail confirmations and a check in hand. I have to pay for the condo out of my pocket and will collect funds from everyone who is committed to going. Because the expense is not too high I don't think payment up front will be to much to ask for. I will first take e-mail confirmations as reservations and when all are in I will ask those confirmed to send me a check or money order and I will charge the room on my credit card. Mike Olichney can not accept direct payment from us as individuals but only as a group. That's the downside to the great deal he is getting us on accommodations. THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS MIKE!

How it works: If you want to attend please e-mail me with your room needs, I will then mark you down for that space. I will take e-mails on a first come first serve basis. Once all the rooms are gone I will contact everyone for payment info. There will be no cancellations after rooms are paid for. If we run out of rooms and someone does cancel prior to paying, I will contact everyone to see if anyone wants it.

Lets get it going!!!


Tom N.

Make sure y'all go eat at SLOGAR'S, best chicken dinner you'll ever get!

Ok, the info is out there... please e-mail me with your reservations requests.. This post is just to keep it towards the top. :)

Remember the only restriction is parking.. We can fit many more folks into the rooms than just one... Bring a friend, bring a wife, bring a girlfriend - bring me one.. Oops bad idea - bad joke.... don't tell my wife grin :D She would take my riding privilages away..

Got to keep this at the top... I have not received any e-mails on this.. Is everyone backing out or what?

Hey, so what's going on with this trip? Is it still on? I've always wanted to ride, what has been rumored to be, the best trails in N. America! If this trip is still on, is there anyone else in SoCal that would want to go? It's a long haul but sounds like it would be well worth it.


As far as I can tell the trip is still on, however I have not received a confirmation email from anyone who said they wanted to go.

See previous post with the details on rooms and such. The cost is CHEAP!!!

If you want to go please e-mail me with the room type you want to reserve so we can start confirming how many people really want to go!



People, You really need to have a spark arrestor if you're going to ride here in Colorado. The Ranger's just love that ticket. That's a very popular riding area during that time too. Good luck and have fun, it's one of the nicest parts of our state.



I emailed your address at about a week ago. This is the address associated with your profile. I will resend my info to the address in your post. Maybe that's what's going on with the others too.


I attended the RMD Spodefest in Divide Colorado in 1999 and organized a similar but smaller event last year. We had a ball.

Here is the website I set up for the event.

One thing has changed, the XDB page is now at

I was able to line up some sponsors for the event last year. We had several boxes full of goodies to give away. Hats, T-Shirts, jerseys, maps, stickers, gift certficates, all sorts of stuff.

All I did was sit down at the computer with a couple of magazines and email everyone who listed a website or email address. The best responses usually came from the smallest companies. It's definately worth a try.


Jim Nelson -

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Wanted to find out what is going on with this trip. How many people are planning on going? Have the hotel rooms been all booked? Is it even still on?

I would like to make this trip but I have a school, that I will be attending at Keesler, MS, that is going to be falling right around that time period. It will probably be another couple months until I have a concrete date for the school so I have not been able to reserve a room yet.

Keep us informed.



This sounds great! I hope us Utah boys are invited. All I need to know is the dates before I could commit.

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