Sudco Adjustable PAJ ?

I just received my adjustible PAJ from sudco along with 35 and 38 PJ. I have smaller mains and have decided to try Taffy Jetting. The PAJ does not have directions on settings. Does anyone know how far out to get a 60 setting?

What increment does 1/4 turn do? Thanks.

Scan through the jeting qs thread. I saw the chart there yesterday


1/4 turn out from closed = 45PAJ equivelant.

3/8 = 55PAJ

1/2 = 65PAJ

5/8 = 75PAJ

3/4 = 85PAJ

7/8 = 95PAJ

1 = 100PAJ

1 1/8 = 110PAJ

1 1/4 = 120PAJ

1 1/2 = 125PAJ

I removed the note larry line! :)


Note? :)

That's what I'm currently running with my 38PJ and EKN at 800 ft. altitude...and what I ran in CO with a 38PJ/EKP...if that's what you mean.



that was "taken" from a post originally made by taffy. I just cut and pasted it! :):D


Thanks for the chart and quick response. And to LarryCO your jetting is my starting point. Now that you have come down to thicker air our jetting issues will be closer. Thanks for the starting point.

Where can I get a Sudco PAJ?

From Sudco..I believe it is You will see that there are two pieces nvolved. Order them both! :)

I couldn't find any info on sudco's site about this. Where is it? thanks


go to their homepage,

click on Carberator Diagrams,

click on FCR Sidedraft,

click on FCR parts page (bottom)

then look at #30.

Slow Air Screw and Spring

(replaces Slow Air Jet)

021-230 1014-817-2000 screw

021-235 16052-KM4-0040 spring

this is what your looking for.

and heres the Chart to adjust the screw and the adjustable air jet part number is also listed at the bottom of the chart.

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