AIS, Kalifornia, and the rest of the world

I live just east of Kalifornistan, in Nevada, but have some riding areas that cross the border.

My question, I want to remove my AIS on my 2006, and I have full right to do so as it has no impact in my state, yet!!! I get my non-resident Ca. sticker every year, and am curious if anyone from Nevada, has been faced with the AIS dilema while riding westward across that line in the sand.

I've searched the threads, read the CARB regs, believe in the 10th amendment, and still can't find anything more than anectodal.

I don't want to be 50 miles away from my truck and have a ranger, LEO, or other official ticket me, or leave me walking.

I have my AIS blocked off for now, but I find it an increasing PITA to work around, and want to shelf it.

Anyone have words of wisdom other than don't cross the state line?

Will this impact me riding anywhere else in the west?

The CARB regs do not affect you. They only apply to off highway vehicles registered in this state.

Block it off and carry your NV ID with you when you ride here and get your out of state sticker (if there is no OHV reg requirement in NV).

Thanks J, it just wasn't clear. Luckily I don't have to deal with OHV requirements yet, but it is coming.

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