Headlight switch Help--I blow at wiring.

I purchased the Tusk Enduro Lighting kit, which by the is way cheep and pretty decent. I got all the blinkers, brake, horn etc. working. However, I'm not sure how to splice in and hookup the head light switch (High, lo, and off). I see the stock Yellow, Black and Blue wires running to the headlight. The Tusk kit has a Black - Headlight main, White - Low beam, and Dark Blue - High beam. I'm not sure what to do, I'm not a wiring junkie, can anyone tell me how to hook this thing up? Oh, I have an 04 WR450.


Checkout Rockymountainatv They have a youtube video on the tusk install.

Thanks, but it only tells you what the wires are for, not where to splice them.

Black to black ground

Blue to White (Should be low beam)

Dark Blue to Yellow (Should be high beam)

Use the OEM style connector, do not just splice the wires.

Thanks, turned I was making it much more difficult that it is...assuming I did it right, but it works. I left the black wire from the head light alone. Tapped the black wire from the switch into the brown one coming out of the power button and then cut the others and attached them to the corresponding ones from the switch.

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