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Every day carry items for your bike

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Well I DSed my XR250... I have a little pack behind the headlight...

1/4" drive stubby ratchet

sockets metric (6mm-22mm)

Hex sockets

10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm wrenches ( I think?)

Spark plug

Multi screw driver

Elec tape

Tire/tube repair kit & C02 canisters (3)

Spare levers


2ft of wire

Small 1st aid kit

Vice grips

Big zip ties

Spare front sprocket

Master link for chain

RTV silicone (hondabond)

Crescent wrench

(Need spare headlight bulb)

Spare Water bottle


Spare front tube on fenderpack.


What am I missing? Any of you carry a quart of oil? This is what stays on the bike at all times.

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I'd like to see how you pack those tools behind the headlight.

I carry many of the same items in my Camelbak. No sprocket. No tube. A qt of oil is asking to become the Exxon Valdiz.


patch kit

Duct tape wrapped around the screwdriver handle


the XR400 tool set

Tow webbing

Shop rag

Orange plastic emergency/signal blanket (about the size of a 3x5 card folder.)

Bic lighter (they are going to find me one way or another.)

Weather proof windbreaker

Clear shooting glasses or Smoke shooting glasses (much cooler than goggles if there is little dust)

Copy of my license, reg, some cash.

Small master lock (locks rear drive chain to sprocket.)

Paper and pen (I broke down, not abandoned)

Personal 2-way radio and/or cell

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Haha I guess ill leave the oil at home.. good idea on the duct tape and. Shooting glasses

I carry a leatherman on my belt too as well as a gun and knife

I have a combo padlock I keep on it for the same reason 👍

Backpack/camelback items~ for longer rides ~

Tow strap

2 way radios

Rain coat


Power bars

UV water filter pen

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I ride with a backpack all the time:

-First Aid Kit

-Paper Work

-Parachute Cord

-Screw Drivers


-Rain Coat

-Granola Bars


-2 Knives + Pocket Knife

-Glow Stick


-Several Zip-Lock Bags

-Water Bottle

-Gerber Machete (Optional depending where I'm going)

Still adding to it...

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What's up with a spare CS sprocket? 3 knifes?

I skip the first aid kit. Mine consist of ibuprofen, rag, electrical tape and a bleed stop packet. Major bleeders are my only real concern. Tape and rag will apply pressure on scratches as well as a gushers.

Make sure you can pull your axles with the tools you have. A piece of string can get by for a broken throttle cable. Trade the RTV for some epoxy putty.

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now here is what i carry with me on long trips!

-oil filter

-rtv sealant


-zip tie's

-shop rag

-spark plug

-tire/tube patch kit with a small bell hand

held pump.

-rain gear for rain riding

-3/8 inch rachet,extension,swivel and 6mm-22mm socket set

-flash light

-lighter,flint and steel with some lint from the dryer packed in my bag.

-knife,wallet,keys,2 cell phones+chargers

-2 rachet straps and bungi cords

-3 liters of water

-extra pair of tented oakley goggles

-power bars,snacks,my home made trail mix with deer jerky!

-a small tarp and emergency blanket

now usually my long trips are like 300miles from home!! i usually go camping


that list i posted is just a toolkit i carry on my bike on long trips, if im riding short distances i dont take as much.

now my personal gear i take

-light weight summer sleeping bag about 2lbs its very thin flannel

-my solo eureka tent like 2.5lbs

-a tatical pack with 2 a pair of pants,shorts,2 long sleeves and 2 t-shirts,3boxers,3 pairs of socks, hand soap,shampoo,floss,toothpaste and brush.t.p,prep h cream and some medicene i think i may need.a lighter,2 flash lights,these fuel bars i got at a army store.i also will take some can food with me and usually buy the rest on the way.

it all packs fairly good on my dr350 well.

you can tell a difference in handling but not anything major.

im getting ready next week to buy some stiffer front fork springs and a stiffer rear spring, i already got my gold valve shock rebuild kit im just waiting for more funds before i start anything.

most of the long distance riding is on about 90%road and 10%off road.

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I don't carry anything, my riding buddies pack everything I need. 👍

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I don't carry anything, my riding buddies pack everything I need. 👍

Be and asset rider, not a liability rider!

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-lighter,flint and steel with some lint from the dryer

Another good fire starter is to smear Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) on the inside of a ziplock bag, then throw several (as many as you can) cotton balls in. Work it around well, the more the PJ coats the cotton balls, the better (and easier) they light - usually sparks from a lighter or other flint are enough.

Edit: Oh yeah, you can also use them to treat minor cuts and scrapes.

Edited by MacGregor

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Be and asset rider, not a liability rider!

My buddies don't mind, at my age I need to ride as light as possible. And, I am an asset rider, my assets on the seat most of the time.

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All great ideas. I dont get that far away but so far I carry a shop rag, registration, and small piece of fuel line, plug, and a multi tool made by Cruz tools called a Outbackr M14. The little tool is pretty useful and bought it for cheap on closeout. I need to add a couple items on my list (master link, plug socket, ....) but hell its an XR, nothing will stop it.

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I try to keep it down to absolute minimum - I fit it all in the Giant Loop Fandango tank bag, but I need to get one of the GL saddle bag systems.

The tools I would need to work on minor parts of the bike; wrenches, sockets, allen wrenches, a couple of multi-screwdrivers. The tools are the heaviest part. I need to get some titanium tools (including tire irons).

Chain breaker and spare links.

A tire inflation kit (CO2) - I need to get a better repair kit.

Water, dried fruit, some snacks.

Emergency pencil flare, whistle, compass, a couple of space blankets. I need to carry more first aid stuff.


I would not carry a spare sprocket because I hope I would see that I would need a new one long before I needed it, and I would need a long breaker bar to break loose the bolt anyway - not like those bikes that have a circlip (I wish - when I had a DR 350 I could ride to the trails on a 15 and in five minutes switch to a 12).

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I follow the philosophy of "Better to have it and not need it than vice versa". As a result, my pack's pretty well loaded up.

Single biggest thing isn't having the equipment, it's having it AND knowing how to use it effectively. GPS is a good example: It knows where you are within a reasonable amount. That's it. New ones have maps, and they're pretty good but I'm not going to trust where that road is if i'm snowmobiling in white-out conditions. They are navigation aids, not replacements for common sense.

Firestarting.... Generally if you're going to need to start a fire, you aren't going to be in the best of shape to begin with. Hunting around for kindling and bigger sticks to start a fire with a few matches (or especially flint/steel) is going to wear you down a lot. Get something that will start a fire and do it fast. Remember, you've got a tank full of fuel at your disposal too. But if I'm stuck on a mountain and need fire, i'm not screwing around with matches.... i'm reaching for the flares. 1500°+ for 15 minutes... if you can't start a fire with that then you probably shouldn't be in the mountains. I carry a handful of lighters in both my pack and on the sled (no luggage on the bike yet), but they're mostly for backup. Flares are visible day and night and will light up an IR camera if SAR's out looking for you.

What's in my pack (This isn't an all-inclusive list, but I'll cover the big ones)

  • GPS (mounted to/powered from bike)
  • Pre-ride bike check - Tires OK? Bike runs? Recent oil change? Odo zeroed? Bolts tight? Lights work?
  • Tool Wrap - When I work on the bike in the garage, I work from this toolkit. If there's something I need that isn't in there, it'll be in there when I'm done.
  • Leatherman, flashlight - these are rarely far from me anywhere I go.
  • Flares, lighters - see above paragraph
  • Rope - Comes in handy. Used it a few weeks ago to get bikes up a hill around a downed tree. Can also be used to repair machines (trailing arms on older sleds comes to mind...) and string between trees to support a tarp for shelter. Lots of uses.
  • Food/water - 2L Camelbak, handful of granola bars/fruit snacks/beef jerky/rice krispie treats
  • Heavy black trash bags - Tear arm/head holes in them to use as a rain poncho... cut in half and string over rope for a wind break for the fire... pick up parts from a yardsale down a hill... along with rope, these have a lot of uses.
  • Communication - Radio (5W VHF/UHF two-way, programmed with freq's/tones in the area) and phone (generally just a paperweight "out there").
  • Camera. Because.
  • Extra gloves. Riding in wet gloves sucks.
  • Basic first aid kit. Gauze, rodeo tape, bandaids, painkillers. Nothing fancy.
  • Toilet paper, duct tape, orange flagging tape, baling wire
  • Registration/insurance docs. These usually live in my jacket when I'm riding around town, but the big DS rides I usually leave the jacket at home (too hot offroad). Having it in my packing list reminds me to throw it in my pack.
  • Helmet, goggles, jersey, gloves, chest protection, pants, jogging shorts, knee protection, wool socks, boots, wallet/knife/chapstik/keys

When I cage it out there I bring a change of shirt/socks/pants, more tools (multimeter, rest of the socket set), deodorant, lunchbox with some cold drinks, bugspray/sunscreen, and my bucket. I'll have to get a pic of "The Bucket" sometime.

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To be honest I'm surprised I'm not seeing more 38 specials listed as every day carry items...

It'd be on my list if I lived somewhere outside of CA where its easy to get a CCW permit.

Other than that I'm with SnowMule carrying everything but the kitchen sink, and I don't have a GPS.

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JB Weld is a must have for the rock riding:thumbsup:

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Well I've updated my list since reading your guys posts...

I wrapped about 30ft climbing rope around my handlebars to replace the pad..

Front spare tube in the headlight pack

Tools - 10, 12, 13, 14, 17mm wrench

8-17mm sockets

Hex sockets

Vice grips

Crescent wrench

Extensions for sockets

Random nuts and bolts, elec tape

chain repair links and tools

One big trick I started carrying !!! - aluminum welding wire

Smash it flat and it works like heli coil in a pinch. Saved me last week on a stripped out bolt

Small 12v air compressor wired to battery.. slime brand.. gave up on c02 cans. It fits snug in the airbox.. doesn't interfere with the filter 👍

Air pressure gauge

Spare valve cores... ever sent them shooting out in the mud?

Spare clutch cable

Big arse zip ties

Bic lighter

Space sleeping bag


GPS wired to battery

Phone charger wired to battery... my phone has GPS topo mapping.. so handy !

Washington Atlas/gazette (most important thing in my pack.. get one if you don't habe one for your state)

I'm looking around at VHF 2 way radios...

UV pen water filter doodad

Steel water bottles (you can boil water in them..)

Flaslight and extra batteries

Snack bars

Spare gloves and socks on long rides

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try putting a spark plug into the air filter box. put the strips of duck tape on the front guards.

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oh yeah, i have the spark plug air box mod... just forgot to mention 👍.

I dont use duct tape.. elec tape does everything u need... big zip ties when you need more

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