Do I have Showa or Kayaba forks?

Well, resealed my front forks and now need to add oil. The factory manual says "01" oil only, so I checked it out found out I need to know if its a Showa or Kayaba forks? Its a 2001 WR426FN and I see nothing on any part of the fork. I guess you need to use 85/150 (very light) oil for Showas and 125/150 (light) for Kayaba though, the difference wouldnt be noticeable to me as I'm not a pro rider, just a trail rider with buddies. And these new measurements are nothing I've seen before, I remember 0,5, 10,15 wt oils etc. Oh well, this is the first time I've ever service upsidedown forks and it went perfectly.

That's weird, I never noticed that in the manual. Pretty sure I used Spectro 10 wt in my '01 YZ.

You have Kayabas.

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