Looking for a cheap place for parts

I need to purchase new fork caps, they retail at $108.00 I got a price of $89.00 from www.partswarehouse.com, I still think this is steep, I can't find any aftermarkets otherwise I would go that route. I used these guys alot when i had a 84 TT600. They claim they are giving me a 45% break. They sometimes play price wars so if I could find the part for cheaper, they would beat it.

Dirt Bike, Motocross Action magazines, and Cycle News are good sources for locating discount parts suppliers. If you are willing to make a few long distance calls, you might locate these parts at a good price.

Dennis Kirk has a good selection, although they are usually pretty pricy. Check with Moose/Parts Unlimited, and Tucker Rocky Motorcycle Supply. I think Tucker Rocky's website is www.tuckerrockey.com



That's Dr. Dirt, and AFAIK, he doesn't sell any OEM parts.

The only aftermarket fork caps that I have seen for the F's are made by Pro-Circuit, but they are quite expensive.

i find that "BROWN-NOSING" your local dealer parts guy usually works best...........LOL!!!


ride BLUE

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