Lowering '04 KDX 220

A friend who is a little bit vertically challenged needs to lower his '04 KDX a 1-2 inches. He has already shaved the seat down to almost FMX level. He is going to try a lowering link for the rear but we have no clue how to do the forks. Does anyone have any information or a "how to" document on the correct way to lower the forks? I don't want "just remove the spacer" or "just cut the springs" as I don't see that as the correct way to do it. But maybe I'm wrong...

Just slide the forks up into the triple clamps higher. If they hit the bars, get offset bar mounts.

Yup. Only way to lower forks is slide them up into the clamps.

There is a way to lower forks by modifying the internals. I'm asking if anyone has done that with a KDX and would want to share the information.

I guess I should have posted this in the suspension forum. My bad. :thumbsup:

You can remove your preload spacers. I just cut mine down to get less preload, but removing them altogether would work too I suppose.

You could send to suspension shop and they you use a stronger spring but then cut it down to lower forks. I did this once on my first bike. Suspension can become harsh if your not careful.

I would really recommend - lowering link in rear plus move up forks in the front. That should be good. Then just a lot of seat time. If he is anything like most of us, once you get more seat time the bike does not seem so big.

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