how much should I offer?

have a guy whose 2006 yz450f blew up yesterday and he wants to get rid of it asap. He hasnt tore it down but its seized so my best guess is it needs a new top end and a new bottom end. The suspension also needs to be rebuilt. Whats a good price for this bike?

I'd say $900-$1000. I would assume the worst case scenario for the engine damage, anything better would be just a bonus.

Unspecified damage to the engine...

Worn out suspension...

So, what is it? A beat up set of wheels and a pipe? $500 is where I'd start.

Here's how I would figure it. The engine is worthless. The wheels will get you around $400 on ebay if they are in alright condition. The frame may fetch you $200 on ebay. The suspension will cost around $150 to rebuild, but once rebuilt should fetch around $300 for the forks and shock. So I would call the suspension worth $150 as is. Exhaust will get you around $50 if it's in good condition. Subframe will get you $100. Seat, gas tank, and scratched up plastic will get you around $100. Radiators will get you around $100 if they are in good shape. If you are lucky you will be able to get $100 out of what is left. Using those approximations the total is only worth $1100. If you don't want to lose money on it, I would stick with around $900 if you really want it.

$500-$800 based on overall condition. I would stay closer to $500. You dont know what all you will encounter fixing it up. Also there are a lot of 05-07 yz450 out there anywhere from $2000-2700 that arent selling. I know a few guys with 06 yz450, 05 crf450, 07 yz450 and they havent had any interest on their bikes listed at $2600, $3000, and $2800 for several months now.

Whats a good price for this bike?

don't rebuild it & don't plan to ever ride it. otherwise you will sink money into it and then it will just blow up again. seems that its very difficult to rebuild a grenaded 4-stroke if you are not a pro engine builder. a unseen cracked case, debris in oil feeds, bent cam, etc. can all reward you with a 2nd explosion. and then you will just give up on it.

its only worth what you can part it out on Ebay for. figure 1/10th of that value to make it worth your efforts.


I'd start at 500

Not worth your time. Once you factor labor and materials Your better off going for a working bike or even a new one.

Not worth your time. Once you factor labor and materials Your better off going for a working bike or even a new one.

Its not really the bike I need. I ride a 2006 crf450r. I just like to work on bikes. I buy them fix them and sell them for a small profit (not really for the money, I just like working on stuff). I made a deal with the guy for $650. So I figure if I open the motor and its just the piston or even piston and crank ill be pretty good cuz thats an easy fix for me and I can do both crank and piston for about $375 and have a $1000 into a newly rebuilt bike. But if the head is toast its probably not worth it to fix and Ill just part it out. the bike has aftermarket suspension, wheels, pipe and all that stuff so I should still make money even parting it out.

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