Which Model Unabiker for YZ Tank & Shrouds on a WR426

Today I went on a shopping spree with my saved up winter cash, and bought some YZ goodies for my 01WR426:

IMS YZ 3.4 gal blue tank

Polisport YZ shrouds and front fender

Fluidyne Radiators since mine are twisted and bent (but don't leak).

My question is which Unabiker guard do I need? The TT store (and Unabiker website) show a different model number for the YZ and the WR. I called Unabiker today but had to leave a message. I would like to order the guards as soon as possible so I figured I would ask anyone here with experience. Do I buy the WR or YZ model?


The guards will need to match the radiators. If you bought WR rads, buy WR guards.

I cant comment exactly on the 426 but my 05 YZ450F the Unabiker guards mount to the radiator tabs next to the frame and the outer parts of the radiator brace are bolted together, so you buy for what radiators you have on there. If the fluidyne ones are a different shape/width/length than the standard ones you "may" run into troubles.

Best best is to call Unabiker as I have heard they have really good customer service.

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