Water Pump Shaft Bearing Removal?

What's the proper method of removing the bearing that is pressed into the case for the water pump shaft? I assume you need to remove it to replace the inner seal?


I took the entire cover to the shop. They popped the old stuff out and pressed the new ones in for me. $25 or so for the work. Worth it to me.

i am thinking of making a press out of a very large old socket, the end is wider then the diameter of the bearing. some threaded rod couple of nuts and some washers. then i can use the old bearing to press the new one back in...


Home made press for Water Pump Shaft Bearing.

1 6" 3/8" Standard bolt

4 3/8" hex nuts

4 3/8" x 1=1/2" fender washers

1 32 mm Socket

Popped the bearing out in 30 seconds.

Total cost at Home Depot $1.52 (already had the 32 mm socket)


You're seriously over thinking the matter. Just drive the bearing out with a pin punch by working through the seal. No big deal.

that was my first thought, but i was afraid i would crack the case.

just did it on saturday and it worked fine just be careful not to hit the case and you should be fine

Like GreyRacer513 said, Just drive it out pretty even and you shouldn't have a problem. In general If a bearing has to come out its a good Idea to put a new one back in.

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