Indian Dunes

I was looking through some old pics of my youth, and was wondering if anyone remembers Indian Dunes. My grandfather worked there for years, and I spent almost my entire youth riding there(from 6 to 18!) I would love to hear some "war stories" about the place. I can remember watching Jeff Ward on mini's there!..aaaaah the good ol days! :D:)

Yeah, I definitely recall Indian Dunes. Rode two Dirt Diggers GP's there, and raced the car (AMSA class "S") there a couple times back in '80 and '81. As I recall, Kenny Zahrt and Jim Connolly practically owned the place, and a number of TV episodes and feature length films were shot there.


Yea, I used to go there when I was a kid. They show it on the film, "a day in the dirt". They used to rent dirt bikes there. Before I even had mine, my brother, my cousin, and I used to beg my grandfather to take us there. He used to rent three bikes for us and go back into his car and go to sleep. We used to have a blast. Helmet and tennis shoes and off we went.

indiana dunes!

remember him well! raiders of the lost ark!

:D:):D :D


My grandfather was head of security there from 1973 to 1981. It was a shame to see it closed. I drive by there every once in awhile and see it is still there..all weed covered, but you can still see the International track from the road. The closing of the place was a prime example of over litigious people who would get stupid, hurt themselves, and blame the park. ...oh well..I still have the memories... :)

I live about 8 miles from the old Dunes site and rode there in the 70's. When it was used for the film set of China Beach in 80's I use to look for the back riding area trails while watching the show. Memories :)

I remember when they filmed "Baa Baa Black sheep" there. We used to live at the end of the runway on the Travel Village side. Met the entire cast, got to check out the F4u Corsairs..pretty cool growin up. I was pretty popular in high school, got all my mx friends for free, and we used to work the weekends as ticket takers, or flaggers for AME and CRC. I am always coming across old movies or tv shows that used to film out there..especially Chips, and The Incredible Hulk. I think they still do alot of filming out there. :):D

I grew up in Agoura near Thousand Oaks. Use to go to Indian Dunes all the time.

Here's one for ya, you all remember Munce? if thats how you spell it. It was just off the 23 freeway from Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley and Morpark. I think I must have been about four years old when they closed that place.

Sheesh 30 years ago. :)

I sure do!.Pity they closed all the great old the dunes..saddleback..etc etc. Someone should try to lease the land from Newhall Land & farming, and re-open the place. Last I heard, it was slated for homes, but some damn pre-historic fish shut down the plan. I actually remember seeing the plans they had to dam up the Santa Clara river and make a lake just for racing speedboats. But that damn fish ...

Remember Hope Town in Simi?

holy cow, indian dunes was my first motocross race ever on a 1982 yz 80 hell ya.

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