XR650L online parts fiche?

Does anyone know of an online parts fiche where I can view the exploded images and get the part numbers for a 2000 XR650L?

Most of the online parts services use the HLSM service and they don't list this model.

Power Sports Pro doesn't show the part number, just the diagram and a link to add it to your basket.

Others, like Service Honda, don't list this model, either.

Perhaps I'll just have to purchase a fiche and then find some way to view it.

Any ideas?

Thanks! :)

This is a secret so don't tell anyone :)

Use partsfiche and add the parts to your cart. You haven't purchased anything at this point. Go back to the screen displaying the fiche and click on the "Cart" tab at the top of the screen. You will see a screen that has the Honda part number on it.

The part number is also in the address line right before you add it to the cart. Look at the address line after the ISBN= parameter. It will contain the Honda part number as well.

Then go to www.ronayers.com and buy the part for a lot less than powersportspro or service honda.

Thanks for the tip. The prices at Ron Ayers are definately lower.


I got it figured out! Thanks for the tip, I knew there had to be some sort of way to expose the number.

BTW, Service Honda is sometimes cheaper on parts than Ron Ayers. I check both of them when I need stuff. They've always been quicker, too.

I like both of them, I just compare and evaluate my needs at the moment.


also try motogrid.

Also BikeBandit

BikeBandit is good for looking something up, and they ship fast, but their prices:thumbsdn:

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