Roll or Tear - Offs ???

Which ones are better ?

I heard roll-offs accumulate dirt and humidity under the tape.

Also, tear-offs are more difficult to pull off, usually more than one len comes off...

Are there any tips on using both ?

Thanks guys!


Protugal - Europe

Hello my fellow European, Numpsy of Sweden here.

I would like to give You the advise: Forget Tear-Off:s.

It is nearly impossible to pull one single off at the time!

Instead, go to Your locall store and ask for the "screen" to stick on the top of Your sight glass to prevent dirt to fall down between the lens and the film.

The easiest way to get the film to "not stick" to the lens, due to water, is to place a thin fishing-line between the canisters.

You simply loosen the left canister first and put the fishing.line between the canister and the sight glass and then strech it to the other canister and loosen the canister etc.

This prevents the "blur-vision" when it is raining.

Any questions?

Hope this helps!!!


Another tip is a product available here in the states... its called RainX and works wonders for water. You apply it to the lens and water just flys off. It does not do anything for mud splatts but water just disapears. They also make an anti fog which when applied to the inside of you gogles keeps them from fogging in cold weather.

The rainx also works well at keeping mosture from building up between the lens and the roll off sheets.

Thanks a lot, guys !

Too late, I already have my Scotts equipped with the Tear-Offs.

I used them before and I'll use them again next saturday...

The next race will be with a Roll-Off system well mounted as Numpsy wrote.

Thanks alot Numpsy !

Wich me luck !


Portugal - Europe

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