2004 Yamaha WR450 Info Now Posted On Yamaha Website


New for 2004:

All-new, lightweight 46mm inverted Kayaba cartridge fork features 11.8" of travel with compression and rebound damping adjustability. Special coating on fork reduces stiction and also gives “factory” appearance.

New lightweight aluminum kickstand flips up 20° higher for less interference with rider.

Rear shock refinements include improved linkage for greater durability.

New front and rear suspension settings for greater comfort.

Light-weight front and rear calipers with aluminum pistons and revised front master cylinder, combined with 250mm fully floating front and 245mm rear disc, deliver strong stopping power with progressive control and feel.

Not many changes. Wonder why it didn't get the larger forks? :)

I posted my prediction about the new WR's and mentioned that the WR's wouldn't get the 48mm fork. The reason IMO, they don't need to be as rigid as the MX fork, and the other reason (probably the main reason) is to get rid of old stock from the warehouse.

I wanted to see what the new kickstand looked like but in all the pictures the kickstand was missing. :)

Re: changes

The biggest (and most important) change isn't mentioned, that is, the larger contact area at the flywheel-crankshaft taper junction. A company like Yamaha would rather introduce a new model than admit to a problem with a same-year design change. Hopefully, the benefit will be the much earlier release of the 04 models to the public. :)

What a disappointment :D! Yamaha lets down it's dual-sport wanna-be-customers yet again... "Sianara, Blue!" :D Not only will I NOT be buying a useless (in communist-Iowa) WR450 next year, but, just for spite, my son will be riding a green or red 85cc instead of a Blue one, as well!

Yamaha should take note of the abysmal sales of WR's here... The local dealer won't even order any more (this year or next) he says. The WR450 he got in January is still sitting forlornly on his floor. Meanwhile, he can't get DRZ's fast enough! He is frustrated 'cause so many guys WANT the WR (myself included) until they find out about the stinkin' DOT's recent seizures, so they buy a DRZ or nothing at all.

While I am on a roll; I would like to further slam Yam's "marketing geniuses :snore:" for their foolish failure to compete in the large and ever-growing 65cc class. Nothing but KawaZukis and KTMs in that entire market... Duh!! Where do they think loyal customers come from?!!

Iowa cannot be the only place where a "too-decked-out-to-race yet no-longer-dual-sportable" bike like the WR is useless. We have no mountains, deserts, or trails. Is it really asking too much for a serious Blue D.S.? :)

Hey Chaindrive, you need to look at these KTM450 EXC models they have at Motorcycle Brokers. The thing comes with everything needed and may pass Iowa's stupid regulations.

KTM Factory Dualsport

The 2004 WR450 doesn't sound a whole lot different than my 2003 WR450. I haven't had any problems with it. What about the duel-sport. Can I make my 2003 WR450 into a duel-sport? I want something for on-road use and can't really afford another bike. And how do you start a new topic? Thanks.


2003 WR450


A lot of people do make them d/s. and as far as starting a new post, click on post button ! :):D


If you have no mountains, deserts or trails, why do you need or want a DP? :)

Chain, what is required out there for dual sporting a bike like the WR. Like what does the DRZ have that the WR doesn't, silly question I know but I really don't know. Thanks

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