05 450 versus 02 426

How much better is the 05 450 than my 02 426? I don't have alot of extra money,but I can sell my bike and add about 500-600 dollars and get an 05 that appears to be in very good shape.I know the 06 450 is the way to go ,but I just can't get up the 1500 dollars or so I would need for an 06.So....I ride strictly motocross,novice vet speed(not real fast,but I'm clearing doubles and stuff),and God willing,I'll be doing this for awhile. I always seem to find out the pro's and con's AFTER I make a buying move,so I'm trying to gather the info now. I really love my 426,but I'm about to put some money into revalving and tweaking the suspension,and I thought I might be better off putting that money into this 05 450 I'm looking at.I would really appreciate your knowledgeable input.Thanks!!

If you ride ONLY Motocross, I'd be looking for a YZ, not a WR......

If you ride ONLY Motocross, I'd be looking for a YZ, not a WR......

+1 on that. Plus they are a dime-a-dozen. 2007's going under $3k with all the mods/bling done already.

Although, I got my previous 426 set-up so well it'd smoke some YZ's. Wouldn't have sold it if I could have gotten E-start on it.

You will find the two bikes quite different. The '05 is lighter and has much improved suspension, but the power was detuned from the levels the '03/'04 were built to. That's in the ignition, and a CDI from an '04 (or a Dyna Tek, Vertex, etc.) will fix that. Probably is worth at least the $5-600 you're talking about, but the 426 is still a pretty good ride.

I'd recommend you ride one before you settle on it.

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