Most miles on wr450

I only have about 500 miles on mine but was wondering if anyone had a bunch of miles put on theirs. 3000,5000,ect. What unexpected problems? Stock chain hold up? Anything like that :)

I have almost 3500 miles on my 01 WR426. 99% hard trail miles. So far Ive gone through about a dozen sets of tires.

One valve adjustment. And about 20+- oil and filter changes.

I'm also still running the stock chain and rear sprocket.

I rotate between a 13 and 14 t counter.

My bikes have never seen a can of chain lube! WD-40 only!

This is the most reliable dirt bike motor I have ever owned.


Eric :)

Is your chain have a o-ring? I didnt know how the solvent in wd-40 would react with the rubber, may eat it. But I guess proof is in the miles. 3500 miles sounds like alot.

I have a 1026 miles, all off-road on my 03 450f

I have around 1800 all offroad miles. :)

1 of my friends has a 450 with about 5 miles on it. Woodruff key failed 1st time after 1.5 miles, then again before 5 miles. My question is, how could you ever trust the bike when your miles away from the truck? Probably not the response your looking for, just an observation.

As I posted before I have 1026 miles on my 450f and have never had a woodruff key failure or any failure of any kind on the bike, I didnt have any service done in respect to the woodruff key either. I trust the dependability of this bike fully.

how could you ever trust the bike when your miles away from the truck

Mine failed at 120 miles. I was alittle worried at first but not anymore.I have had zero problem since they fixed mine.I had it fixed before the tsb came out and all they did was lap the rotor and crank no loctite.

I have have had mine out in the middle of nowhere and have used the e-start almost every time.

I will hit the 2000 mile mark this weekend (100% off road). The WR450 cam clearnaces are still in spec. I ran Ironman sprockets and Regina ORS heavy duty chain since day one. Everything is holding up well. Some engine bolts needed retorque. Air filter did not last. The high density foam cracked at the clamp point of the wire support. Wire lead from harness needed retaping at the head. Seat has softened quite a bit and the cover needs re-stretching. Carburator screw holes worn out from rejetting. Drilled the top needle cover screws through and now use lock nut and longer bolts. Clutch cover is worn bad and will need replacement soon. New clutch cable ( I will go hydraulic later). In general I am very satisfied with the bike overall. I do not have any gripes. I just expect to get 10,000 miles out of her before I get the replacement bike. Good luck with yours. :)

YOU ROCK INDY :) GIVE HER HELL. Lets see how long you can go. :D

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