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First CRF 450

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Hey all,

I recently picked up my first 03 crf 450 that I am not going to part out. Keeping this bike as my own I am rebuilding the motor and doing some powder coating. I have owned a trx 450r for many years that has a 14:1 cp, race head, bored FCR etc. I wan't my crf to be wicked like my quad. The bike I bought has a m4 exhaust and gold excells, other than that it is stock. I have read the faq's and I will be putting a new cam chain tensioner with piston, should I put a new cam chain on at the same time? I am down with surgery so It will be a while before I can tear it down, but if the crf is like the trx I will be needing a crank. Anyway I do have another 03 I parted out and I still have the marshalls revavled forks that I will put on my personal bike. I know this is my first post so I won't go straight to the classifides and try to part out the rest of my old 03. But I do have forks, wheel, and maybe good cases left over. I am out of oklahoma, pm me if you have any intrest in parts.

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