Brand New in the crate 2000 YZ426 $4900

If anyone is looking for a Brand New in the crate 2000 YZ426 for $4900 give me a call or email me. The bike is new in the crate, never ridden. No tax. The price includes delivery to most major US cities.


phone: 480-891-8442 weekdays MST


Whats the story on this paul, are you a dealer with a left over? How did you come across this find? I am interested, how would you handle the freight shipping to Wichita KS

Tom N.

Is it still for sale, drop me an email pls.

The last 2000 YZ426 sold today guys, to a fellow Thumpertalker - sorry. I'm not a dealer, I'm a broker of sorts. Should be able to get deals on 2001's in the crate also (most makes/model dirtbikes - 2 & 4 strokes) but not as good as on the left over 2000. I can help arrange reasonably priced shipping also. There are various 2000 model year bikes still available. Your best bet is to call me weekdays at 480-891-8442 or email for more price and availability info on what you are interested in.


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