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michelin x-11 and tre balls

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I live in Puyallup Washington.Three years ago I purchased tire balls and a mitchelin x-11.I ride most every weekend from May through September and I am still running the same tire and tire balls. This weekend I took a chance and used this woods riding set up at the Desert 100 in Eastern WA. This tire out preformed my competitors knobby tires in every situation. At the end of the first lap there was a steep hill with loose dirt and loose large rocks. I was concerned that my trials tire would not hook up as there were plenty of racers on the hill with good knobbys that were pushing thier bikes.To my surprise my bike hooked up like never before! Tire balls are small compared to a tube or tubeless so you can run 7 pounds desert racing without compessing the tire to the rim and they last for years!:

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