Cycra Probends and grips?

Hey guys! Thanks to all your recommendations I purchased a set of Windam Mx/RM mid Pro-taper Contour bars for my 6'4" self. They should be here Thursday.

My question is a, duh why didn't I think of that kind of thing, but after getting the bars and some new grips. What methods did you all use to install handguards through the grip.

My stockers I just used a utility knife for the throttle tube and grip, but afterwards wished I had done something a little cleaner. Now I have the opprotunity to do it right and would like some opinions/options for putting a hole in the end of the grip.

I would like to keep the ridge on the end to maximize the amount of grip (read: wide fat hands) and can't afford to lose any. So the best method for just putting a hole in there is what I am looking for.

Thanks again for the advice on the bars and I will let you know how it all works.

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