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California Silverwood/Arrowhead Ride: May 21-27 2010 (PHOTOS)

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So after my good riding fortune we had over the past week, this morning I get a knock on the trailer door from guy who's friend is lying in the lower staging area with a broken foot. They rode up from Silverwood and some how he wipes out crossing the staging area.

So the uninjured guy heads down the mountain to load his bike and bring the truck back. But the pain is getting bad... and it's starting to rain... and this guy is just laying in the dirt. I decided to push the issue and talked the hurt guy into letting me take him to the hospital cause I know it will be an hour or more for his friend to come back even if he doesn't get lost looking for Pinnacles.

Thankfully the 173 from here to Arrowhead is now open and it's only 7 or 8 miles to the hospital. I dropped him at Emergency and met his buddy back at Pinnacles to load up the other bike and dropped some RIDERS SWAG on them. Ha Ha

Hey, he may have a broken foot.. but at least he now has RIDERS Fuel bottles to look forward to ! 👍


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