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Moose Racing Replacement Stator Experience

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Hey folks, just thought I would log this on the forum for future references. I replaced my stator with a moose racing one. Upon reassembly, the first problem I ran into was that the rubber grommet for the wires on the case was in the wrong position, it was way too short:bonk:

Upon messing with it, I found that I could move the wires through the rubber, so after a long while of fiddling I finally got it to be the right length. So got the bike reassembled and ready to start:ride:

I ran the starter button for a long time, but the most it would give me is violent backfires and every once in a blue moon a hiccup:banghead:

Eventually I gave up and found on the forum that some people had problems with this stator having wires crossed. Sure enough, I switched out the blue and green wires on the plug that go into the black box, and the bike fired right up. 👍

Hope this helps anyone in the future, as it helped me:ride:

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