WR450 exhaust restrictor

Does anyone have the exhaust restrictor that fits a stock 2006 WR450 muffler? I have been looking all over and had no luck finding one. I keep finding myself on steep trails with large loose rocks and wanted to try the restrictor to change the power just to see if it gets easer. I'm wearing myself out:ride:


a lot steeper than it looks note drz400 stuck part way up. He had to slip the clutch a ton to get rolling each time.

what gearing you running??

the restrictor on the exhaust will not get rid of your problem

What are you finding is happening? wheel spin? front end lifting? bike surging?

You can jet the bike so it has a softer bottom, and a smoother power delivery, or a G-2 throttle cam system will sort out the bottom for traction

You could always go up the grass on the side ;-)

I'm new to this powerful of a bike and as i hit the rocks the throttle is touchy and It's bouncing off and hard to keep pointed in one direction and getting harder to hold on. its beating me up. I'm short and can't touch much but lowering bike isn't an option. I softened all the suspension adj. 2 clicks and that helped. i think I'm 1 step lean on the pilot jet and still tuning. but higher altitude rides are coming up and hot air. they're cracking down on quiet here and thats another reason I want to try a restrictor. I guess I just need to become a better rider and send my suspension out to get set up for my weight. and a steering stabilizer but don't have the cash now. oh and get in better shape. I'll take better notes next ride.

Please dont think im rude, save your bones and swap it with some one for a wr250f


1- you dont need a steering damper

2- The 450 has megga off the bottom power, the 250 has a nice bottm good mid and similar top end but the 250 wont catch you out

If you are gonna stick with the 450 here is what to do..

Get a g-2 throttle cam system, and use the 400 cam, this works buy the 1st quarter of the throttle cable isn't pulled as much but after that it goes back to normal

Get a fly wheel weight this will help stalling and also stop the motor spinning up so fast

get the suspension set up for your self

Riding position:

I have never had arm pump!

You get arm pump by fighting the front end, get you elbows up and feather the bars the bike wants to go forward, if you hit a root, rock etc, the bikes bars move cos it is trying to correct itself (gyroscopic effect) you just need to move your body to compensate for the bike moment.

If you have enough forward momentum, and let go of the bars the bike will still ride over bumps and root itself, key is light grip and constant throttle.

If you lose traction, don't pin it to the stop! back off slightly and feather the clutch to regain traction(I still have trouble doing this)

Sitting down- sit on the tank, a hands width away from the gas filler cap

nip the frame hard with your ankles all the time(all the time)

nip the tank with your knees lightly

Look ahead, plan your route, if needed stop and rest

light grip on the handle bars(this is the most important)

If you try to fight the front end it will go down, the gyroscopic effect of the front and rear wheel means it wants to go forward , the only fault with the bike is the rider being it me or you etc

Standing up- Nip the frame with ankles hard all the time

Light grip on the seat with your knees( so if the bike moves it

moves round you

light grip on the bars, again don't fight it

You should be stood up straight slight bend in the lower back

with your head over the bars

By standing like this you are in the centre of the bike, which allows the bike to rotate round you instead of throwing you about.

The bike should be able to move front to back, side to side, left to right and it should not move you, it should move round you

I hope this helps you out:moon:

Hey thanks!

the throttle cam sounds like a good idea. I'm working on keeping my elbows up and light grip on the bars but still going numb... I'm going to move the bars foreword a little bit for comfort. sometimes 5 min. from the truck. I have been good with the clutch and wheel spin and not stalling so far but I have avoided the really steep stuff so far. not ready yet. my sitting and standing is close to what you said but I'm gripping with my knees a lot.

Thanks for the info it's not rude. now I'm looking foreword to riding again. I have a friend with a wr250 so i can try riding that too.

Glad i can be of a help

Yeah have a go on the 250f you might like it:cheers:

It takes time but once you lock those ankles in you can just about let go of the bars:ride:

Also is the bike is bouncing off stuff, turn the clicker at the bottom of the forks anti-clockwise 2 click and see if that help

I don't like to share suspension with others, not cos i'm a twat it just every wr450 is different, even two identical bikes will differ

but i have the compression backed right out and is lovely :thumbsup:

Words of wisdom from my Dad who used to race a BSA 500 with 750 Norton front forks (hot set up) in the real old days. “ Never look at the big rocks, cause if you looking at them, you’re gonna hit them” It works.

Looking away from the big rocks I'm trying to avoid works. its a weird thing. I'm still looking for a stock insert / pea shooter 05-09 wr250 and wr450 will fit. if anyone has one they want to get rid of let me know. looks like rain/snow out for riding this weekend.:thumbsup:

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