1971 Yamaha 175 Enduro

I've got a vintage 1971 Yamaha 175 Enduro. And was just wondering what its worth. the body is in pretty good condition. and used to run and drive nice(before the kick starter broke) So im thinking about selling it, anyone have any idea what shes worth?

thanks. :thumbsup:

Prices can vary, I've seen bikes go for what I would think to be to cheap and ones that go for way more then what I would think they're worth. That being said, if your bike was in running condition and did not have the kick start issue I would say $800 to $1200, with these issues I would say $200 to $600 if you were lucky! Good luck:thumbsup:

alright thanks for your input!

ill think ill just keep 'er around for now.

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