426 overheating

Melts down? Not!

My question is what do you do when all of the coolant is on the ground? Hm melt down?

Most people


well aware when they are in an overheat scenario. Well maybe not all from the sound of it. Rather have an engine a little hot and have ALL of the coolant still in the radiator than all of it on the ground.

Another person with all the answers and zero

experience. Simply amazing! Good luck with all of your coolant on the ground!

you may have misunderstood him. he said that before checking the cooling system for "blockages" etc which prevent the coolent getting from the engine back to the rad or vice cersa and getting cooled, your just advising people to put evans coolant in and it will not overheat anymore. your statement is somewhat true, it will not over heat... at the RADIATOR. if it is infact blocked however then the coolant will heat up in the motor and that will cause the engine to run extremely hot and might blow up, all the time the coolant in the radiators is cold, as if nothing is wrong :)

i jus bought a 03 450f and it looks like the head overheated and some of the paint on the head melted and flaked off??? should i worry that it got this hot? isnt there some sort off safety mechanism that kills the motor when it gets to hot???

There's no paint on the head from the factory, and paint doesn't melt when exposed to heat. The cam cover on top of the head is painted, but long before it got hot enough from engine overheating to burn the paint, the engine would have died. Something else happened.

There is no shutoff system for overheating except the one between your ears, which processes info from sensors located in your eyes, nose, and ears. But if the bike runs alright now, doesn't loose coolant, and doesn't boil over when it's kept moving, there's not really anything to worry about.

little silver flakes are coming off on the head that reveal the head is made up of a darker metallic compound. i take melt back, if its not paint whatever coating it is, its cracking up and bubbling jus a tiny bit to where i scratch at it with my finger nail and it flakes comes off right ..flakes most where the header jions tthe head. they should put a kill sensor on it if it gets to hot!!!

If there is paint on the head, someone painted it after it was sold new. Since there's no way to know what it was painted with, there's no way to judge whether that's anything to be concerned about outside of it being poor finish work.

The likelihood is that it was kept poorly and/or stored outdoors, and the engine was painted to dress it up for sale.

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