Brand Name Sprockets

Hey all,

Im going riding up in Jawbone Canyon, Kennedy Meadows area in July and was thinking about changing my gearing in the pig and was wondering what Brand Name Sprockets people go with. I heard the Renthals wear out quickly from an unrelyable source, so if anyone could tell me different, that would be great.


Sunstar is the OEM brand and makes a good product at a good price. If you want the best, then go with a good stainless steel sprocket like from Ironman, Moose, Titax from Rocky Mountain, etc. The fancy aluminum sprockets may hold up well on the steet, but they sure don't seem to last very long in the dirt, especially on a big bore.

Make sure your chain isn't worn too much cause a worn chain will shorten the life of your sprockets and a worn sprocket will shorten the life of a new chain.

We use Ironman steel sprockets and they last a very very long time (my set is still going after 4500 miles of Baja). If you need 47T, 48T rears I have them; for the countershaft I have 14T and 15T.

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