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Wiring/Blinker Help

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So i had aftermarket blinkers on my 09 te510 till one snapped off. So i decided i was going to hook up my stock rear ones again. I have an auto tuner and a PC5. After i wired up my blinkers to the back and re-connected all the wires to and from the autotune and pc5 O2 sensor etc... (BTW does the auto tune draw power from the blinker wire because there is a wire going back to the taillight assembly coming from the autotune and im not sure why it is there). When i turn my key on the fuel pump primes and the bike will start and run. BUT i have no power to the screen on the bars the blinkers the headlight and the horn have nothing. I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong with this thing. Any troubleshooting ideas or past experience in this subject greatly appreciated.

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