Where to buy jets?

I went to the dealer yesterday and tried to order some new jets in order to try out some recommendations by Taffy. I had gone through the online parts fiche from Yamaha and found all the part #s except the main air jet. My dealer could not find half of the part #s in the computer :), I suspect that they will have to be purchased through an aftermarket source.

Where can I get the following:

OBEKN #5JG-14916-EN

160 Main Jet #4MX-14943-39-00 (available)

160 Main Air Jet #??

38 Pilot Jet #4MX-14948-08-00 (shows up but as 42 on order entry)

60 Starter Jet #3TJ-1494F-11-00 (available)

60 Pilot Air Jet #7A9-14943-11-00 (says N/A)

Anyone know the PN for the 160 MAJ?

Thanks in advance

(Most) Everyone here orders them from www.sudco.com :)

Looks like to me judging from Sudcos website the 160 MAJ is # 99101-393-160

I think you want to get the adjustable Pilot air jet instead of a set number so you can make more adjustments if you need to down the road.

The only thing that I couldn't get at Sudco was the needle. I had to buy that through Yamaha. They look at you like you are nuts when you buy these jets. Of course, they don't know much about your bike so their reaction didn't really bother me much. The girl even asked me who made my bike and whether or not it was an ATV or a motorcycle. :)

My dealer could not find half of the part #s in the computer :), I suspect that they will have to be purchased through an aftermarket source.

Bud, those are all good part numbers. Go back to your dealer and hit him over the head with a large, blunt object, preferrably his parts computer.

Then ask again.

Or, just call NCY: 1-800-225-1629

I don't think Sudco will have the needle, but they will have the MAJ. Just ask for a 160 MAJ for a 39mm Keihin FCR (no need to mention "Dirt Bike" or "426", sometimes this confuses them, needlessly). And, ditto on the adjustable PAJ. Here are Sudco's PNs for screw and spring:



Hope this helps.

OBEKN #5JG-14916-EN

This needle is listed on the fiche as an EVN, this may have confused your parts guy.

But my recommendation is still the same, some blunt force trauma ought to clear things up. :)

If you do call Sudco, theres a English lad there that helped me and he really seemed to know his stuff. I asked for the wrong MAJ and he immediatly corrected me because of the other jets I ordered.

So if you get him, you should be ok. :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you use Sudco make sure you order more than one or two jets. They'll screw you in shipping & handling charges. I think that's a secondary business for them. Anyway, just make sure you ask them what your total price w/ S&H will be so you're not surprised. IMO, their rates are anything but reasonable.



How much did they charge you? :)

I ordered from them a couple months ago and they charged me $7 to ship UPS ground to Missouri. (which I thought was reasonable)

I know thats about how much it costs to send something UPS ground because I ship stuff UPS at work everyday.

I ordered jets on Monday at about 4:00 Pm from Sudco. Main air jet $3.05, adjustible pilot air jet $13.14. Had them use 3 day delivery so I would have them by the weekend. Showed up Wednesday- two days later, shipping $9.71. I am happy.

I have been going to my local dealers (Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, etc.) the pilots and main are not just for our bikes but fit many different bikes. Yamaha lists the mains around $8 and the pilots $15. Even my Yamaha dealer had a box with a range of mains and pilots from an aftermarket company that were $3 and $8. The air jets I couldn't get like this, several online companies are listed in pervious threads if you run a search. Add a -00 to the end of the Yamaha needle part number, the dealer should have known this but is something I just went through with my dealer the other day when I order two Yamaha needles, one of them being the same needle you are looking for OBEKN(5JG-14916-EN-00). Once they added the zeros it came right up.

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