What was your 1st Bike?

I started on a 2002 yamaha pw80 at the age of 6. I then went to a 2004 honda crf100f at the age of 12. Now i am riding a 2002 yamaha wr426f. I cant stop riding.

Started on a 1981 Yamaha MX80. I was seven-years-old. Been riding ever since. Had a few Hondas after that (XRs and CRs). Now on my second WR. First WR was an '02 426. Now got an 08 WR450.

Rode a friends JR 80 every chance I got but then jumped to street bikes (03 600 RR) till I was 23 (last year). I picked up an 86 yz 250 and rebuilt it, helped a friend rebuild an 83 cr 250 R and rode them both a lot. Traded the yz straight up for a 98 yz 400 f, workin on getting it going now :banana:

My first was a 1971 CT70:ride:


My 1st was a 1974 DT360 Yamaha. Alot of bike for a 100# scrawney 17 yr old .Had to have a friend purchase it for me. In Oklahoma, you had to be 21 to purchase in 1975.Had many adventures on the DT,to include 1st rear lock skid save on asphalt going down Mt. Scott, riding over my head.52 yrs old now, and still learning to ride.

Hodaka 100 super rat...dont remember the year...early 70`s

Honda QA 50 and I thought it was big time until my buddy got his Honda Trail 70. My 1st yamaha was a 1999 YZ 400 F and I still have it.

some sort of briggs powered minibike in the mid 70's, no suspension and a gold flake open face helmet. could not get me off of it. Dreamed about the "christmas present" every winter when the moto mags would have the ads with the 2 strokes with the big ribbons on them. My folks didn't have a lot, so it was a pipe dream for me. My Parents divorced in about '79, and I didn't ride again until about 1985 or so, had a girlfriend who's family had bikes/atc's and went with them for a long weekend to Ocotillo riding an XR100. I was way too big for it, but there was nothing else available and I was not complaining. Stretched the chain and rode for 4 days until my ass was so chapped from monkey butt (riding in jeans) but loved it. that relationship ended later, and I did not ride again until 2000 when I got back to the desert with my dad (he on a 82ish YZ490 and me on a 1981 IT 425). Rode that for a few years, met my wife, and we progressed through more bikes than I remember.

We made "my" dream come true for our kids Christmas 2005 with a brand new CRF50 and CRF70 under the tree. All the kids have been riding since about 5 years old.

somewhere around 2004 I Bought a PRISTINE 1986 YZ250 and rode that until August 2006 when I ponied up for my first NEW dirt bike (2006WR450)

We bought sportbikes as well in 2004/2005, CBR954 and CBRf4I. Had as many as 10 bikes in the garage at one point, now I am down to 5. Looking for a couple more. Smallest bike we have now is the XR100, kids are all progressing to bigger bikes now.

1969 Yamaha G5S 80, rotary valve, pressed steel frame, 60s suspension.

honda QA50!

1974 Honda SS50, 4-speed. It was crap, but I loved it!

A 69' CT70 similar to this one:


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