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Getting a Tuff jug to work with a KTM

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The problem with the Tuff Jug is that the KTM gas tank has a hump up high right at the gas cap. When you try to push the nozzle down it hits the hump and doesn't deploy the gas.

I really liked the idea of using the Tuff jug so I came up with a fix for it so now it works perfectly with my 2010 KTM300 XC-W.

This is the Tuff jug I'm talking about.


I went to Home Depot and bought an ABS connector fitting. It was just a bit too long so I cut about half an inch off, and used ABS glue to glue it to the lip of the Tuff jug nozzle. It's not going to be sturdy enough this way so I bought some "Fix it Stick" All purpose bonding putty. You knead the two parts of the putty together and after about five minutes it's hard as steel. Really amazing stuff. You can use it on your crank case or your clutch cover plate if you put a hole in one of 'em. This particular putty is impervious to gas so it won't melt or deteriorate. There are other brands of this style of putty too so if you can't find the exact same stuff don't worry.

So now it's just the right height so that when you push down on the jug it will dispense fuel. It will even stop when the fuel hits the end of the nozzle. Then just lift up, and you're done.

Here's a pic of the nozzle/cap from the jug. I've already got the ABS plastic cut and glued on.


I've got the bonding putty partially filled up in the gap. You have to do two or three separate fills. It starts to get hard very quickly. I stuffed putty in three times. Each time I made sure there were nice cuts in it so that the next layer will have something to grab onto.


Here is the last layer all nice and smoothed out.


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