2010 wr450f info on problems

Hey everyone sorry to be a pain

but, getting a new bike in the next couple of weeks

I've already decided which bike I'm getting, wr450 of course

but I was just wondering if anybody else who bought a new one, has had a problems with them, if so what's gone wrong with yours,

just asking so I know what to look out for,

P.S. Never had a 450 only 250's so is all new so any help would be wicked



Good choice homer2000!

Yeah, expect the fork seals to leak within 500 miles!

Also, the chain on many 450s hits the inside of the frame too for some reason.

People will tell you to align it as per the Manual, (counting the swingarm marks from the back, not the front, all sorts of other ideas .....etc. etc.) but some bikes still do it regardless..... even with perfect alignment and a brand new chain!

Grease all suspension and steering bearings as soon as you get a chance. Yamaha is inconsistent with their greasing in this regard.

Good luck,


Mine seems to wear out tires. Anybody else have this problem?!?!?

Yup, my tires wear out, also the fuel tank needs filling every day.

yes my 09 chain ratling sound is very anoing i have more than a 1000 miles and no sign of leaking seals i use the pireli trials dot tire mt 43?great rear tire no signs of wearing on 200 miles on it changed gas tank to ams 3.1 galon over all its a great bike PACO P.

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add ons

off road the 450 are much more of a handfull than the 250's

fun though:ride:


Yeah, expect the fork seals to leak within 500 miles!

Why so? Some do, some don't, but don't "expect" it. Best thing you can do to help is to put on some seal savers and clean underneath them as needed when you wash the bike. I have not had a lick of problems with my fork seals, but did blow out a shock seal and I've heard almost nothing of people losing the rear. I think a lot of it is due to what you ride in and how you take care of them.


Best thing you can do to help is to put on some seal savers and clean underneath them as needed when you wash the bike.


1. Apply free mods ASAP 2. Ride

Yes I will do the free mods as quickly as

possible to the bike because I know they come so restricted when you buy

them new, I'm also going to put a new exhaust on it also, haven't decided

which one yet but it will get one

I'm going up to the bike shop this weekend to make a deal

can't wait to get it

Consider a complete exh system off a 07-09 YZ450, cheap, lite and breath well.

You will need a PMB sparky though.

I too am purchasing a left over 2009 in a couple of weeks. I committed today and I was told it will be in within 2 weeks.

Really looking forward to the new bike. I had a 2000 WR400, awesome bike but I caught the MX bug and sold it. I have been substituting MX bikes ever since.

Couple of questions: I have read about the throttle stop stuff and the grey wire so I will do those ASAP.

What about a front plate to replace the light and the rear tail light. I would like to put a full front plate, but do I just buy a 09 YZ plate? I know I will loose my odometer but that is ok. How does the rear light come off?

What has been the expierience with the Ebattery? Should I do the replacement?

Thanks and look forward to posting pics and updating in a few weeks!

im in the same boat, had a 250f, now going the 450 and was wondering what people thought of them since iv been out of the moto business for 3 years now. but yamahas still give me the impression they are the best... so im going the 2010 wr450f too

Yeh the 450f 2010 is a good bike don't get me wrong, love the thing to bits, I haven't done the mods to mine yet been a bit busy with work and everything, but when I get time I'm gonna, and I reckon I'll just put at yz450 exhaust on mine, the full system, cheap and light as other people have said,

how long before you are getting the bike,

another thing I'm looking into is getting an oversize tank, 13.6 litre one I think they are, cause 8 liters doesn't last long out on the trails, already ran out once when riding,

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