426 won't start

my 426 will not start , i've cleaned the plug and the carb but no joy?????????????

Steff, You really need to give more info (ie: starting procedures, settings, location, etc...) to get any suggestions.

I had the same problem today (kick it for half hour).

But instead of cleaning I replaced the plug and it started first kick.

I would try a new plug.

Yeah, if a fresh plug doesn't get it to start, you'll have to really do some digging. I hope you have gas in the tank and your petcock is open. Sometimes, it's the most basic of problems. Make sure your hot start button is pushed in(closed). if you still can't get it to start, I'd start looking to make sure there is ignition spark. One 426 owner stated that his kill switch was bad.

i had no spark with the plug inn the cap. i then gave it a proper wire brush-with a plug brush-& now it starts every time.


mate, is your idle too low? When I went a bit richer on the pilot jet I had to adjust more air ( clockwise 1 turn ) goodluck

YZ426F 2001 pilot

Here´s the most common solution over here.

What brand of plug are You using?

Once a Nippon Denso is flooded, it´s over...

If not already done, replace the plug with a NGK.


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