How do you do it? What is needed, how much does it cost, and where can you get it? Tires, lights, speedometer, ect. I would like to be able to go on-road legally. I know that people have make their WR450 d/s, but can I in Nebraska. Can I do all of the work by myself or should I have a dealership do it. Hope to get lots of replys. :)


WR450-baffle, air snorkle, more mods coming

You can always look at Baja Designs for the kit to make your bike street legal. Here in Colorado, you don't need much and I just did the brake light, horn and mirror. I'm not sure about the 450 but the 426 had a dual filament bulb in the tail light, open it up and check. All you need is a pressure switch and you have a brake light.

Here you just get the VIN number verified by a place that does emmissions, fill out a certificate of compliance (both forms are available here at the DMV), bring insurance and MSO or bill of sale, pay for the registration and you are done.

I live in an area that is a little more rural than say Denver and have never been pulled over. I was even at a stop light next to a State Trooper with an FMF Power Core IV on my XR400 which I did the same thing to and the cop didn't even look at me. It's nice because you can ride on the road between trails, down to the store, whatever without getting busted.

Hopefully, Nebraska isn't like Iowa where Chaindrive is having all the problems.

I did the bare minimum to pass in Idaho as well. Horn, folding mirror, high/low beam headlight switch and brake light switch. I just took my money to the dmv, they looked up the title on the computer and registered it for the road. It was that easy.

There was an official spot on the Idaho state website that listed codes and specs for operating a motorcycle on the street. I'm sure there's one for Nebraska as well. I would start by calling the DMV or your local highway patrol office.

YES! The WR 450 is wired for the brake light, just as in previous years. I used the brake switch from Baja Designs in installed an LED bulb to reduce the power requirements.

Good luck!

Hi !

This topic keeps coming back regularly.

Do a search or look at my past posts.

I made the street legal mod to my wr 426 2002 and it's worth it. Also look at the posts from "rich from orlando". This guy gave me a ton of good info on the subject.

I made my own kit, and saved money compared to a ready kit from Baja or anyone else. It's more trouble but it's a nice project for winter time. If you have winter !

Good luck :)

I think i have what i need and the search was good. I will have plenty of time to do it in the winter or all of those days its really windy, rainy, or whatever else. Nebraska's weather can be summed up as "unpredictable" so I will have plenty of days to work on it.


2003 WR450

Good kits, and those tires, even better. :)


2003 WR450-baffle, air box snorkle

Check out Call Dale. He will sell you seperate parts or a full kit for your bike.


Check with Chad at ESP in So Cal.1.818.951.9144 He's putting together a "minimal" kit for me. I haven't seen it yet, but he's shown me the components from I have had a Dakar kit on order for more than three months but have yet to see it. The cool thing is that this kit will come with an extra rear fender and number plate. All the wires will be quick connect so I can switch to moto in 10 mins. The kicker is that I'll get this kit for 225-250 compared to the Dakar kit at 450-500. No brainer.

Good Luck,


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