chain and sprockets

how long do your chains and sprokets last you?

im running 14/49 and the bike just seems to eat rear sprockets , conditions here have been pretty poor for the past few months and my bike seem to be spending all of its moving time in thick muddy gloop, but even so the rear sprockets just seem to be falling apart.

anyone else found this?,,,and whats considered the best chain sprockets to use

Sandracer, Just my opinion; but, you can't go wrong (especially in mud) with an o-ring or x-ring chain and if weight isn't a factor, try a Sidewinder Stainless Steel sprocket. It's very long wearing.


ill have a look for the steel sprocket and am currently running a renthal o ring chain

I used a Stainless Sidewinder in the Nevada 2000(I won the ironman expert class and got 11th overall).

It is on my XR 650. It still looks brand new.

The things are awsome but a little heavy.

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