5th Gear has just gone!

Well it seems like my bike has, like a few others just lost 5th gear.

I've read up and searched with lots of hits but I want to best guess the problem parts.

I'm overseas and I wont be able to work on the bike for a few months, so in that time I want to order the parts I will alkmost certainly need.

If I wait until I get home and then get into the engine it will take a few weeks for parts to arrive, then its time for me to leave again.

Guessing I need:

5 gear cog

Selector Fork / Forks

Any other likely culprits?

From what I understand the drums have not been a problem

Maybe a 2nd hand gearbox?

I am also interested in figuring out why I lost 5th gear on my 98 400wr. 5th now is is like another neutral...

Time to split the cases. The dogs on fifth gear have been rounded off.

just replace the dogs? What does yamaha call the "Dogs"? cant find a part with that name...sorry for being a newb

engagement pawls? if that's the case you just need a new 5th gear

engagement pawls? if that's the case you just need a new 5th gear

and more likely the mate... if one is worn, there is a almost 100% chance the mate is worn too.:thumbsup:

I've orderded the gear and his mate. Cheers

Fifth and third gears both probably need replacement. I just did it because of a lost third and fifth was toast too.

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