Virgin wr450f

Hello , i just recently bought an 09' wr 450f and i'm lookin for some info. I bought the bike used and the only thing the guy did was the throttle screw and take the "plug" out of the exaust. The bike runs fine but has a little bit of a hard time starting. What could i do to fix this? also is there any suggestions on what else i should do to my new Thumper? Thanks alot dudes.

If the exhaust is opened up, you need to do the snorkle/ air box mod to let more air in. These bikes kick start so easy it's not even funny. My battery has been toast for the last year and I just kick it all the time now.

Welcome to the forum, you need to search the FAQ's and jetting data base to find out proper main and pilot jets for your climate. Working on these carbs can be a major pain in the A$$, but when you get it running right you will have the best bike around.

Hey,thanks alot man.

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