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Suspension book

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I recently was offered a new press release book to read,The Race Tech’s Suspension Bible by Paul Thede and Lee Parks. I figured it might be of intrest to some of the TT members. This is a link to the Press release from the publisher http://www.motorbooks.com/Store/Product_Search.aspx?Q=Race Tech's suspension bible

The Race Tech Suspension Bible is 256 pages long. The book covers suspension principles in more depth than I have seen anywhere else. It will give the rider a understanding how and why their suspension works. The authors go into depth how hydralics work in the suspension components. They back up the principles with solid math formulas, and excellent drawings, diagrams and photos.

The book also covers a chapter on bike geometry, which explains the different terms you have seen thrown around in the magazines, trail,steering angle,axle offset, tripple clamp offset, and more. The book explains how these factors affect a bike’s handling

There is a chapter on trouble shooting and testing. Explaining when the bike is doing something good or bad and how to correct it or make it better.

The last chapter covers suspension service. It covers dampening rod forks, cartridge forks, single chamber, and dual chamber forks, shocks from the 1970, reservoir shocks, and KTM PDS shocks. Everything is accompanied with excellent photographs and explanations along side the photos. My own side note, I would have liked a more in depth explanation of bleeding the air out of a shock. Also I would have appreciated a view of a vacum machine bleeding a shock.

The appendix cover brefily lowering suspension, swingarm length, Race Tech tools,and a testing log.

On the Whole you will not find all this information in one source. The book will give the rider a understanding of what their bike is doing in different situations, and how to make it better or worse. An understanding of the principles explained in the book can make the rider faster and in my opinion a safer.

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