cost of flywheel wieghts

What do flywheel wieghts cost over there?

they are around £100 here [$150]

just seems a lot for what is at the end of the day just a small loop of metal

Check out

I'm sure there's alot more to choose from out there. Just a sample. Look in the YZF 400/426 section.


go to the advert in TMX marked 'american imports'-he's very good. i got one off him (10oz) 'package opened' for £90 'steely'($140). he's a really nice guy from the west country.

for enduro my wr was given a 10 oz FW-perfect. for a YZ doing enduro in our english gloop i would go for the full 12 oz gloop loop. don't forget that the YZ flywheel is already 10/15 oz lighter (someone correct me on this please).


you're at milton keynes aren't you? that'll be the circuit at whaddon. what a bitch that was last year. you're gonna die!

advice? the more you can rev it the more s*** flies off your rear tyre. the more s*** that flies off your rear tyre the more chance it'll plop off your front & actually let you steer! catch 22.

make sure you're gearing is high. big rear. so that you can paddle it without stalling it. other than that good luck.

jeff cobb-american imports-01455 554467.


thanks taffy for the advice ill give the guy a ring.

any advice for a novice rider competing in his first enduro?

thanks again for the advice,

not so sure i liked the bit about me gonna die tho,,,,, but GAME ON!

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