05 yz450 new cases shaft problem

hi just a quick question.How do I get the oil pump drive gear shaft out of my old case.I've got the shift shaft pin out,that was fairly easy.Do i need to heat the case up for the install of said pin?I'm about ready to put them together and i really don't want to do something stupid with my new cases.They"re not exactly cheap.Thanks for any help.

If I remember correctly, that shaft goes through, and there's a snap ring on the inboard end of it. You should be able to drive it in a little, remove the ring, and drive it back out. I'd recommend that versus driving it through to avoid scoring the wear surface. To install it, warm the new case, slip the shaft in, apply a new snap ring, and drive it out against the ring.

If I'm wrong, and the shaft is in a blind hole, you can actually drill through from behind the pin and punch it out, being as your current cases are damaged (I'm assuming).

thanks for the quick reply,The c shaped locking ring looks like it's in a groove thats cast in the case.It almost looks like you have to rotate it to get the c clip off.the only way it seems that could work is to heat the case, my cases are toast anyway, chain cracked my left case.I will try driving it back'I just didn't want to ruin the shaft.The pin on the shift shaft i just drive in or do i need heat?thanks a bunch.you are one knowing individual

You should be able to just drive the centering pin in cold, but it never hurts to use a little heat to take some pressure off things. The safest way is an oven. Limit the temperature to 250 ℉ or less. If you can't do that, go by when a drop of water will bounce off as your "red line".

Also, whether pressing or driving the pin, or any other similar item, place some sort of support directly behind the item being moved in such a way that the force you are applying will not tend to bend or distort the assembly you're working on.

Thank"s for the quick answer.

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