4 stroke virgin

ok i have owned 2 rmx 250 2ts and am thinking of up grading was going to get a yz250 2t round the 05 area but have been thinkn about geting a 4 stroke have neva owned one before though and have only ever ridden 06 yzf250 and wasnt really impressed, i dont know much about them maintance wise or how long the motors last im preaty hesitant about getting one as they cost a fair amount from what ive heard would like to get a yzf 450 woundering on what year would be recomnend ? and things to watch out 4 etc

Yamaha 4 strokes are one of the best at going a while without valves needing adjusting. I just go overboard with maintenence by cleaning the air filter and changing oil more often than I should and I don't have any problems. As far as what years to get it is just like any bike each year they improve things, usually little things. Suspenion wise it with be a huge improvement over you current bike. Engine wise the 06's felt more powerful. I have an 09 and they made the power smooth almost to a fault where it feels weak down in the low RPM's. I suggest to find one to ride first and then make a decision. Some people love 4 strokes, some people love 2 strokes.

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